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co-funded by the EC

European Union

POLYCITY is a project of the CONCERTO initiative co-funded by the EC within the FP6

Eastern Europe

A large eastern community network is managed by EC Baltic Renewable Energy Centre (ECBREC). There are already thirteen Eastern European towns with very concrete replication plans mainly interested in combined heat and power using biomass technologies, district heating systems, rehabilitation of buildings and conversion of military areas.

The list of main associated communities has been extended as after the biomass workshop that was held in Gdansk, Poland, on 26-27.10.2006 from nine to thirteen as some good opportunities for replications in Central and Eastern Europe have been identified. The focus is mainly on big cities, but also smaller towns, which plan the implication of renewable energies in a similar order of magnitudes as Ostfildern, Torino and Cerdanyola. The listed communities are invited to participate in meetings and workshops of the POLYCITY project and to develop on-site analysis of the state of the art and replication plans. A wider group will be targeted with more general information.