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Ostfildern- StuttgartProject

European Union

co-funded by the EC

European Union

POLYCITY is a project of the CONCERTO initiative co-funded by the EC within the FP6


The whole project is designed as an exemplary ecological community development, where low energy building standards are prescribed for all plots and a wood fired ORC co-generation plant will deliver electricity and heating energy. Combining work places, residential areas and green park sections leads to an integrated living and transportation concept with high comfort and low energy consumption. The whole investment volume of the project with 480,700 m² built floor area is 1.5 billion Euros.

In the frame of the POLYCITY project a total of 178,000 m² of residential and commercial buildings will be constructed until 2009 and supplied by a 1 MWel and 6.3 MWth biomass co-generation unit, a 200 m² solar thermal plant and 70 kW of building integrated photovoltaics.

The whole area have been developed in the last years and 6.000 people are living on the site with about half of the work places already created (1200). 150 million Euros have already been spent on public infrastructure (schools, kindergarden) and further 700 million Euros will be invested on the site. The complete site is owned and managed by the Town of Ostfildern and the Hofkammer Württemberg, which have prescribed low energy building standards for all new constructions and obligatory connection to the heating network of the biomass co-generation plant. The inclusion of cold production via the biomass heating network has been initiated through the POLYCITY proposal and signifies a major innovation.

Better City, Better Life

Presentation of the proposition Scharnhauser Park


Via a Geo-Informations-System, you are able to see here the consumption of heat and electricity and the potential for photovoltaik of the buildings in the Scharnhauser Park.