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Cerdanyola- BarcelonaProject

European Union

co-funded by the EC

European Union

POLYCITY is a project of the CONCERTO initiative co-funded by the EC within the FP6


Eco-buildings for residential, industrial and service purposes will be established on a common basis of innovative sustainable construction.

Besides, several innovative measures will be taken in the supply side. A high efficiency energy system is to be implemented in the new urban development called Directional Centre, in order to produce electricity, heat and cold. This polygeneration system will comprise natural gas cogeneration plants with an electrical output of about 46 MWe, with thermal cooling facilities (absortion and adsorption chillers) and a district heating and cooling network within the Science and Technology Park, which represents the core of the Directional Centre and has a thermal demand of 74.000 MWh for heating and 152.000 MWh for cooling.

To promote the use of renewable energies in Spain, the system will also include RES represented by a gasification biomass plant of 1 MWe, mainly fuelled by wood waste from the furniture industry or by subproducts from agricultural processes, and a solar thermal plant of 2000 m2 of collectors that will produce hot water for cooling purposes.

A Communal Energy Management System (CEMS) that integrates supply and demand will be implemented to optimise the system exploitation. This polygeneration system will be implemented in several stages, according to the pace of development within the Directional Centre. The results of the first stage will determine the suitability of implementing greater RES in subsequent stages.

This project will make sure that the residential and the industry buildings as well as the scientific park are supplied efficiently with innovative energy. The exceptional approach in this project is that the whole energy is produced with power-heat-cold-coupling. The innovative character consists of different integrated systems for the advanced production of electricity, i.e. of warmth and cold in one net.

In this heat cooling net an innovative management system adjusts the raw energy consumption to the inquired quantity consumed. Consumption centres are meant to supply industry and service buildings efficiently with energy. Only residential buildings are excepted, since these are to be supplied by private investors.

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