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Arquata- TurinProject

European Union

co-funded by the EC

European Union

POLYCITY is a project of the CONCERTO initiative co-funded by the EC within the FP6


The Italian project Arquata, coordinated by the Fiat Research Centre, is part of a larger initative aimed at promoting integrated energy systems based on distributed generation (co-generation and renewable energies). The initiative involves the relevant stakeholders in the region, such as public administrations, utilities, research centres and users.

The overall Arquata District Contract is a detailed programme including several measures of urban and social requalification such as the refurbishment of the council buildings, the realisation of green areas, the creation of common spaces dedicated to social activities, social and occupational development of the district, the improvement of mobility, the creation of small commercial spaces. Such measures have been completely approved and funded by the contractors.

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